Off-Resonant Receive Coil with Integrated Amplifier for Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Researchers at the University of Oregon have developed a new technology for reception and amplification of magnetic resonance images.

Signal reception in magnetic resonance imaging relies on radio-frequency receive coils, the design of which is the single most important factor determining image quality. In recent years the use of arrays of receive coils has led to the introduction of powerful parallel imaging techniques.

These techniques have made it possible to obtain images in a fraction of the time. Pushing the limits of parallel imaging requires arrays of dozens or even hundreds of coils. Fabrication of these coils is at the moment difficult and time consuming, and the resulting arrays are bulky and difficult or impossible to adjust to fit the various anatomy seen in clinical practice.

By integrating a differential preamplifier directly into an off-resonant coil, we have simultaneously greatly reduced the bulk of the coil and vastly simplified the fabrication of multi-coil arrays. These coils are ideally suited for high-density parallel imaging arrays. These coils may be fabricated on a flexible circuit board, resulting in arrays that conform much more closely to individual anatomy and provide greater patient comfort than the arrays that are currently available for MRI scanners.

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