Beautiful Dorena - a Novel Drawing Software Program



Beautiful Dorena is an innovative drawing program for children and adults, developed by the creator of the popular Kid Pix drawing program, Prof. Craig Hickman.


Beautiful Dorena combines the light-hearted personality of a computer game with the creative and productive possibilities of conventional drawing programs. Along with the standard artistic tools, Beautiful Dorena offers unique options like a wave distortion effect that ranges from "Ripples" to "Breakers", a line-drawing tool that succumbs to gravity, an option to send rubber balls bouncing around the screen, and many other innovative and entertaining features. A variety of settings for each tool allows the user to fine-tune details for any work.


The program also includes multimedia tools, allowing the user to upload photos, place videos into pictures, or capture motion through a webcam. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, with background scenes and sounds that place the user in a peaceful rural town. A July 2006 review in MacWorld's MacMania blog called the program "beautifully playful".


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