Colorful Lanterns at Shangyuan Interactive CD

The digitization of the chinese scroll Lantern Festival at Shangyuan makes a unique work of art accessible for a wide audience, and is ideal for both individual and classroom study.  


The interactive CD allows users to study the complete painting in depth: meticulous electronic cleaning of the scanned work has made visible details that are unrecognizable in the original, and a “zoom” option allows for minute examination of any area.  A series of ‘hotspots’ invites users to explore points of interest with pop-up windows containing detailed background information


The CD also includes descriptions of the scroll’s historical context, covering political history, social conditions and economic development as shown by the panoramic view of shops, services, transportation, public buildings, customs and costumes.


A supplemental booklet printed in both English and Chinese describes in detail the contents of the scroll, the time period in which it was created, the lantern festival, and symbolism of the lanterns.


To order a copy of the Colorful Lanterns at Shangyuan Interactive CD with the booklet ($25.00 US), please visit the project website at


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