Understanding US History, Volumes 1



Understanding U.S. History is a two-part textbook series that teaches students a general strategy for analyzing historical events, processes, and periods by analyzing the problem-solution-effect. The strategy is then applied to U.S. history using original materials. The program contains concept maps and interspersed questions (to foster higher-order thinking) and a variety of writing projects. The texts are written by Carnine, Crawford, Harniss & Hollenbeck in 1994 and include:


Understanding U.S. History, Volume 1 - Through 1914

Understanding U.S. History, Volume 2 - Reconstruction to World Leadership


The two books overlap (Chapters 15-21 from Volume 1 are repeated in Volume 2).  Araminta Coleman's paper on the texts, "How Well Understanding U.S. History Addresses The California State History-Social Science Standards-Grade 8", is available here.


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