Polymer-Supported Proton Sponge Reagent

Prof. David Tyler’s research group has developed a polymer-supported proton sponge reagent with a visual indicator of its potency. The reagent is colored a deep purple when deprotonated, and this color fades to a light tan as the basic sites are protonated. 


  • Easily synthesized in two steps

  • Strong base

  • Non-reactive, other than neutralizing acid

  • Solid supported and easily separated (filtered) from a reaction mixture (soluble proton sponge reagents can be difficult to separate from a reaction mixture)

  • Visual indicator of remaining reactivity (non-colored when fully protonated)

  • Easily regenerated and reusable

  • Can use excess reagent without generating excess waste

  • Kinetically slow to update protons

  • Potentially able to be used in conjunction with other solid-supported reagents in one-pot, multistep syntheses.


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