Strong Kids Curriculum



The Strong Kids programs are a set of curricula that teach social and emotional skills, promote resilience, strengthen assets, and increase coping skills of children and adolescents.


The programs are developmentally appropriate and span the K-12 age range: Strong Start (grades K-2), Strong Kids (grades 3-8, including versions for both elementary and middle school students), and Strong Teens (grades 9-12).  Several studies have shown the programs to be effective in increasing knowledge of social-emotional concepts and coping skills, as well as decreasing problem symptoms.


The programs were developed as part of the Oregon Resiliency Project, directed by Prof. Kenneth Merrell of the UO College of Education. For more information about the individual curricula, please visit the Strong Kids website.


The Strong Kids programs are distributed through Brookes Publishing. Each includes a CD-ROM with all handouts, worksheets, assignments, and transparency masters from the manual, available as reproducible PDF documents. 

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