Heterometallic Group 13 Keggin-like Nanoclusters


The Johnson research group has developed a high-yielding synthetic strategy for preparing discrete polynuclear inorganic clusters containing thirteen Group 13 metals (Al, Ga, In) in a Keggin-like structure. Seven of the metal ions comprise the interior core, arranged in a flat hexagonal disc and bridged by hydroxo ligands. The remaining six metal ions are each bound to the core by two mu-OH bridges. Examples of higher nuclearity metal cation clusters of any morphology with mixed metal components are fairly rare, and control of the metal stoichiometry is desirable.  Compositions have been made containing 13 Ga ions, 13 Al ions, or a combination of these metals.


These inorganic aggregates are useful either as the discrete cluster or as synthons.  Applications range from Ga-67 contrast agents for PET or SPECT medical diagnostic imaging, to synthons for other nanomaterials, to oxide precursors in the fabrication of electronic devices.  For more information see Dr. Johnson's website.


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