Changing Brains: Effects of Experience on Human Brain Development


Changing Brains is an educational DVD program for anyone involved in child rearing, from parents to teachers to policy-makers. Created for non-scientists, Changing Brains features information and practical recommendations based on scientific evidence regarding cognitive development as a child grows. Viewers learn about the brain, how it develops, the methods used to study its structures and function, and how experience shapes the brain. The information provided is supported by evidence from solid scientific studies, and each segment includes a mention of the brain functions and structures that underlie different aspects of human behavior and cognition. 

Changing Brains is divided into nine segments, focusing on the role brain development plays in vision, hearing, motor skills, attention, language, reading, math, music, and emotions and learning. Separate sections on the DVD list references to the studies cited and websites with further information on each topic.

You can view Changing Brains or order the DVD by going to Innovation Partnership Services

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