Tunable Phenylacetylene Scaffolds for Ion Binding


The Phenylacetylenes are a new class of organic compounds that are able to bind negatively charged molecules. The binding of anions is an important problem in chemistry for multiple reasons. For instance, many anions (such as perchlorate, nitrate, and pertechnetate) are environmental contaminants, and recovery of anions from a feed stream may enhance final product purity while simultaneously generating a concentrated "ore" of the anion.

Medicinal applications for anions binding may exist because anions are implicated in numerous diseases pathways (for instance cystic fibrosis, where chloride is concentrated in improper physiological locations). The phenylacetylenes may be useful colorimetric indicators (an example is the chloride/bromide indicator for your pool or hot tub) and should be valuable in other sensor applications.

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