Development of a Novel Zebrafish Screening System and Identification of a Novel Protein That Induces Pancreatic Beta-Cell Proliferation


HEADLINE: Novel protein induces pancreatic beta cell proliferation, is ideal for diabetes treatment research


Our scientists discovered a novel protein that offers a potential new avenue of research for labs developing drugs to treat diabetes. The newly-discovered BefA (β Cell Expansion Factor A) protein acts to increase total pancreatic beta-cells. Pancreatic beta-cells secrete insulin. The BefA protein’s primary commercial use is to act as an inducer of beta-cell proliferation in patients with beta-cell deficiency and suffering from Type I diabetes and possibly those with advanced stages of Type II diabetes.


Benefits: This is a previously undiscovered protein with potential to grow beta-cells in patients with a beta-cell deficiency.



Potential applications include novel therapies research involving:

  • Type I diabetes
  • Type II diabetes


For more information, see US Patents 10,563,174 and 10,968,432


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